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Nicole Aquillano ONE-DAY WORKSHOP!

Join us on Saturday, July 30 from 10 AM- 3 PM for our first-ever Visiting Artist's Workshop with Nicole Aquillano! Nicole is the featured artist in one of our two 2016 Summer Solo Exhibitions in the main gallery. New Blue is currently on display through August 6, 2016.

Nicole Aquillano will demonstrate and discuss her mold-making and slip-casting techniques, and demonstrate mishima (inlay) on slip-cast forms. Students will then participate in a hands-on mishima workshop, using pre-leather-hard greenware (student to provide). Students will learn basic mishima by carving into the forms and inlaying underglaze, and gain a basic understanding of the steps necessary to make molds and slip-cast forms. TUITION: $150

ARTIST'S BIO: Nicole took an unconventional path to become a full time studio potter. After pursuing a career in civil engineering, she left to follow her passion and earned her MFA in ceramics from RISD in 2012. Nicole draws each image by hand directly into the porcelain clay with a knife and inlays a black underglaze. The high temperature of the kiln combined with a clear glaze overlay slightly blurs the drawing, much like a faded memory. She often references imagery from her past as a way to establish a personal connection. She lives and works in the Fort Point Area of Boston with her husband Sam and cat Luna.


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to Aug 31


Our 2016 summer class line-up includes 3-week sessions, 6-week sessions and 8-week sessions to meet unique summer schedule needs. Classes meet once weekly for three hours. Tuition includes 25 pounds of clay, all glaze materials and firing fees. Email shauna@archcontemporary.com with any questions or to reserve your space. 


Intro to Wheel Throwing [3-Week Session]

Have you always been curious about the potter’s wheel? Not ready to make a big commitment but want to get your hands dirty? This short and sweet session is for students with little or no experience working with clay who are interested in finding out if they have a passion for it. Learn the basic skills necessary to make a functional vessel on the potter’s wheel.  Instructor will provide group demonstrations along with one-on-one instruction to guarantee each student goes home with a successful piece of handmade pottery. Sign up with a buddy and bring something to drink, it’s a great way to spend an evening. 
Tuition: $200
> 3-week Session 1: Wednesdays 6-9 PM [July 6 - July 20, 2016]
>3-week Session 2: Wednesdays  6-9 PM [August 10 - August 24]

Wheel Throwing [6-Week Session]

Ideal for students who have had an introductory experience working on the potter's wheel and now want to strengthen their basic skills. This class will focus on mastering fundamental throwing techniques, introducing a variety of new and altered forms, and developing glazing and decorating ideas. Students with solid basic skills will focus on refining techniques and be challenged with more complex forms. Classes will include group demonstrations along with one-on-one instruction and can be catered to accommodate all skill levels. 
Tuition: $300 • Instructor: Josh Primmer
>6-week Session: Thursdays 10 AM-1 PM [July 21 - August 23, 2016]

Revisiting the Wheel [8-week session]

Have you already been enraptured by wheel throwing and are seeking to reconnect with clay? Starting with a foundation of basic centering and throwing skills, experienced students will learn to throw more complex shapes, alter thrown forms, join multiple forms and integrate hand building techniques. Glazing and surface treatments will be addressed in more detail and students will explore some historical and contemporary practices and adopt and apply them to their own works. Josh will provide instruction through group demonstrations along with one on one assistance while allowing students the flexibility to focus on their own interests. This course will include group critiques to discuss progress and potential development. 
Tuition: $350 • Instructor: Josh Primmer (our new artist-in-residence!)
>8-week Session: TUESDAYS 10 AM-1 PM [July 13 - August 31, 2016]


Intro to Functional Hand-building [6-Week]

Want to get your hands dirty this summer? Tried the pottery wheel but felt restricted in what you could make? This fun and easy hand-building course is designed for students of all levels and will focus on creating beautiful functional ceramic objects. Learn tricks of the trade to quickly create successful pieces that will bring satisfaction to your studio practice. Carly will introduce pattern making and image transfer techniques to create unique and exciting surfaces. Create bowls, vases, teapots and pitchers using hand-building techniques. This is the perfect class to create one-of-a-kind gifts for friends, family and even yourself!

Tuition: $300 • Instructor: Carly Costello
>6-week Session: Thursdays 6-9 PM [July 21 - August 23, 2016]

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to Mar 31


Tuition: $450/includes 25 lbs of clay, all glaze materials and firings, and one weekly 3-hour open studio session

  • WHEEL THROWING: Tuesdays 5-8 PM (Instructor: Wayne Fuerst)

January 12 - March 29, 2016 [Class #017]

  • HAND BUILDING: Thursdays 5-8 PM (Instructor: Carly Costello)

January 14 - March 31, 2016 [Class #018]

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to Dec 15


Holiday Gift Making

Want to give meaningful, handmade gifts this holiday season? Join us for this special 6-week holiday session!

These production-based classes will focus on introducing simple techniques and projects for creating unique, functional works of art perfect for any gift-giving occasion. Have fun building dishes, boxes, ornaments and more! All levels of experience are welcome. Choose between Hand-building or Wheel throwing!
Tuition - $250 (includes 25 lbs of clay, all glaze materials and firings)
  • HAND-BUILDING: Wednesdays 6-9 PM (Instructor: Carly Costello)

November 11 - December 16, 2015 [Class #015]

  • WHEEL THROWING: Thursdays 5-8 PM (Instructor: Wayne Fuerst)

November 12 - December 17, 2015 [Class #016]


Email shauna@archcontemporary.com to reserve your space today!

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to Oct 8



Introduction to Wheel Throwing

This class is for students with little to no experience wheel throwing who are interested in learning basic skills at the potter's wheel for creating functional work. Group demonstrations along with one-on-one instruction will focus on forming shapes such as vases, mugs, and bowls as well as introducing basic glazing and decorating techniques. (Instructor: Wayne Fuerst)
  • Wednesdays: 6:00-9:00 PM

 September 9 - October 28[Class #013]

  • Thursdays: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

September 10 - October 29[Class #014]

Intermediate Wheel Throwing

This class is geared towards students who have had an introductory experience working on the potter's wheel and now want to strengthen their basic skills and further their technical understanding of clay. The focus will be on more advanced throwing techniques of a variety of forms, including lidded vessels, bottles, plates and serving bowls. There will be an emphasis on refinement of throwing skills and individual development of personal style. Class will include a combination of group demonstrations and one-on-one instruction catered to meet individual students needs as well as an introduction to advanced decorative and glazing techniques. (Instructor: Seth Rainville)
  • Saturdays: 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

September 12 - October 31[Class #015]

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9:00 AM09:00

ONE-DAY WORKSHOP: Sensuous Surfaces

Through demonstrations and hands-on experimentation, we will explore ways to add layers of information to our surfaces. We will learn how to create hand cut masks, stencils and silk screens to apply color, pattern, texture and information. These techniques are appropriate for wheel thrown and hand built work. All levels welcome.

Instructor: Kelly Lynn Daniels

Workshop tuition- $85 Sunday                                              

August 9, 2015: 9 AM - 12 PM and 1 PM - 4 PM

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to Aug 8

SUMMER CLASSES - Sign up today!

8-Week Term: July 6-August 29, 2015

Potters Practice

Whether you are a seasoned potter or have never touched clay before, this class will enhance your skills and give you a foundation for a lifelong love of ceramics. Each student will get one-on-one instruction as well as group demonstrations allowing for students of all skill levels to excel. Learn how to make bowls, mugs, jars, and more with tricks of the trade from professional potters.

Mondays 6-9 PM with Seth Rainville - FULL

[July 6-August 24, 2015]


Thursdays 10 AM-1 PM with Charlie Barmonde  

[July 9-August 27, 2015]

Summer Celebrations  

This all levels class will focus on wheel thrown pottery. We will alter, embellish and combine forms to make special pieces for presentation and celebration. We will learn how to use found objects, sprig molds and carving techniques to create fun and exciting surfaces. Glaze techniques to enhance our work will be emphasized. This class will culminate with a festive potluck (date and place TBD).

Saturdays 1-4 PM with Kelly Daniels (our new Resident Artist!)     [July 11-August 29, 2015]


Tuition: $300, includes 25 lbs of clay, glaze materials and firings

Email contact info and class preference to shauna@archcontemporary.com to reserve a space. Formal registration can be completed on first day of class.

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to May 3

2-Day Weekend Hand-building Workshop

If you've never worked with clay before, hand-building is a great place to get started. In this 2-day intensive, students will be exposed to basic ceramics techniques that can be used to create endless possibilities of functional or sculptural pieces.

Students will learn the basic skills and explore various techniques to construct forms using slab, coil, and pinch methods. Students of all levels are welcome to attend. 

Saturday and Sunday, 10 AM - 4 PM, May 2 - May 3, 2015 

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to Jun 7

Spring Classes

8-Week Term: 

Mondays 6-9 PM [April 20-June 8, 2015]  

Wednesdays 12-3 PM [April 22-June 10, 2015]

Learn the basics of wheel throwing and glazing in this introductory class. Each student will get one on one instruction as well as group demonstrations allowing for beginner to intermediate level students to thrive. The focus of the class will be on bowl forms and cylinder forms such as mugs and vases.

Instructor: Seth Rainville

Email contact info and class preference to shauna@archcontemporary.com to reserve a space. Formal registration can be completed on first day of class.

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to Mar 11

Winter Session Classes

8-Week Term: Wednesdays 9 AM - 12 AM

Potters Practice:   Whether you are a seasoned potter or have never touched clay before, this class will enhance your skills or give you the foundation for a lifelong love of ceramics. The potter’s wheel as well as glazing and finishing techniques will be the main focus of the class. Make bowls, mugs, jars and more with tricks of the trade and core practice taught by Seth Rainville.



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