Natalie Squillante



Natalie Squillante is a ceramicist, painter, teacher, and healer with seventeen years of experience practicing Reiki and teaching in the arts. She received her BFA from Maine College of Art in 2011 where she studied Ceramics and K-12 Art Education. Natalie has taught in back yards, living rooms, beaches, farms, schools, community spaces, non-profits, museums, and studios. Her teaching style and philosophy incorporate creative play, community and skill building, community-based arts projects, one-on-one instruction, and healing through the act of creating. Her priority is to help others feel good and figure something out while making or appreciating art. She is a pyromaniac with a love for wood firing and skateboarding. 


Nataile spent five years working at the Jamestown Arts Center in Jamestown RI, where she was the founding teacher and studio manager of the Ceramics & Creative Arts Programs before moving to Colorado to work at Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Snowmass CO, in the Ceramics and Children’s Education Programs from 2015-2018.

Natalie has taught and worked at numerous other arts organizations including Dancing Tree Studio (PA), Aspen Art Museum (CO), New Bedford Art Museum (MA), Gustin Ceramics (MA), Carbondale Clay Center (CO) and Arch Contemporary Ceramics (RI). Natalie’s work is available for purchase at Arch Contemporary Ceramics in Tiverton, RI as well at numerous art centers, coffee shops, tea stores and alternative wellness centers that she has collaborated with across the country. Natalie has been a resident artist at Arch Contemporary Ceramics since Fall 2017 and is about to head west to teach her annual workshop at Aspen Art Museum.



My work is utilitarian, focuses on the connectivity and importance of the handmade, slowing down, self-expression, the metaphysical, creative play, healing, and community. Closely related to my creative process and the basis of my work being nature, is my Reiki practice.  Each work of art is infused with Reiki, a Japanese healing technique, which I have been practicing daily for over fifteen years. My love and passion for both tea and recycling is also present in the work. Tea is added to the wet clay which then burns out, leaving what I like to call a healing memory mark.