<2017-2019 Artist-in-residence exhibition>

JUNE 1 - JULY 6, 2019

Artist’s Reception: Saturday, June 1 from 4-6 pm

Arch Contemporary Ceramics is pleased to present our 9th biannual artist-in-residence exhibition, featuring a new body of work made on-site by long term resident artist Natalie Squillante. Please join us for an opening reception on Saturday, June 1st from 4-6 pm and meet the artist before she heads west for the summer!


This body of work features a series of colorful functional ceramic wares and sculptures that aim to invite and honor acts of healing, creative play, and the inner child. The work represents my process and celebrates art making as an exploration and love for sacred and quirky moments, the unknown, rainbows meeting earth, the inner connectivity of all things, imperfection and the beauty, discovery, pain, and magic that comes with these.   

My work is utilitarian, focuses on the connectivity and importance of the handmade, slowing down, self-expression, the metaphysical, creative play, healing, and community. Closely related to my creative process and the basis of my work being nature, is my Reiki practice.  Each work of art is infused with Reiki, a Japanese healing technique, which I have been practicing daily for over fifteen years. My love and passion for both tea and recycling is also present in the work. Tea is added to the wet clay which then burns out, leaving what I like to call a healing memory mark.